iDesk – Ticket Management System

iDesk, an issue tracking system that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. The main benefit of ticketing management software (TMS) is that it simplifies and automates help desk ticket management.

  • Centralized IT change schedule
  • Best practises and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliant work flow process for routing IT changes
  • Customizable fields, screens, options, and business rules engines
  • Option to expedite routine changes
  • File attachments can be stored and linked to change records
  • Automatically notifies Change Manager and Change Advisory Board according to rules
  • Notifications to users via pager, email, cell phone, or PDA
  • Pre-defined workflows,customizable reports for every area based on the SLA and other KPI’s.
  • Seamless Integration possibilities with applications.
  • Available of standard API’s for integrating with all systems.
  • Crystal Reporting features available.
  • Documentation-Easy to accommodate and store documents.
  • Stability-System reports available for historical data.

“iMatriz TMS can Integrate with any ERP systems for monitoring the background jobs and generate it as tickets”